Episode 24

Interview: The SNA Voice with Magdalena Landziak

Published on: 4th April, 2023

The voice of SNAs is often missing from primary education. For example, SNAs are not allowed to be on boards of management of primary schools as staff representatives. In this episode, I interview Magdalena Landziak who decided to create the first magazine for SNAs by SNAs. It's called Amygdala and it's great! I spent an hour with Magdalena discussing her work, her studies and what she would do if she were the Minister for Education!

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How many times have you said to yourself, "If I were the Minister for Education…?" Well I do! Rather than grumble to myself, I decided to podcast my thoughts on ways I'd change the primary education system in Ireland. Every episode I'll take on a different theme, give some background and hopefully come to some conclusions by the end.

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