Episode 78

Episode 078: We Need to Talk about Gender

According to reports in the media, in January 2023, the CPSMA wrote to the Minister for Children, Roderick O’Gorman to say they were against the teaching of gender issues because what it means to be transgender would require to teach something about which “there is neither a scientific nor social consensus to highly impressionable young children” I thought it was funny that a Catholic organisation would argue that we shouldn’t teach something because it lacked scientific evidence given that the entire religion is completely reliant in ignoring scientific evidence, and I put out a tweet saying so. Yes, it was provocative, and yes, it was probably a bit childish but the reaction to it was nothing short of explosive and, at times, aggressive. In this episode, I want to talk about this issue and why it has polarised so many people against each other, so much so that nobody is listening to each other, and if I were the Minister for Education, how I would be talking about gender.

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